Jude 2 Cherries 3.0


This is a 2-IN-1 piece combining the most popular glass dildo, the G-Spot Wonder, with the most popular glass butt plug. By far it is the most innovative piece produced! A toy that is intended to target the G-Spot as most of our curved pieces are but with the addition of our Spiral Sensation to stimulate the clitoris at the same time. Coupled with a clear glass butt plug as a handle, this piece works double duty! The solid Pyrex shaft is 18 cm in length and 3 cm in diameter and curved just before it reaches the 3,5 cm diameter head. The spiral is adding approximately 0,3 cm to the shaft diameter. The clear glass butt plug handle has a 2,5 cm diameter at it’s widest point. With a moon and stars dichoic etching in the tip. With a Cherries dichroic etching in the tip.

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Dimensions 26 x 3.0 cm